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Week 3 bleugh!!

Happy New Year

Often we get to week 3 of the New Year and our Resolutions, that we so wanted to do, are starting to get less and less. Our motivation isn't as strong and its tiring keeping a new habit going, without any support and accountability. It's cold and dark and that morning run just isn't as appealing.

You have dieted for 3 weeks and you are hungry and really just want that biscuit that is just sitting there in that tin.

You have set up dates to meet more friends, you are doing well, but you are starting to doubt whether you can continue this new confident self.

This is when you need to really think about what is important to you and why? Where do you want to be by the end of the year? What is your drive, your goal, your passion and does it link to the resolutions your have set? Can you vidsualise it?

I have written out the journal prompts that I like to do at the start of the year but if you are losing your way now and starting to wonder what really matters to you, maybe this is an even better time.

Journal prompts for January 2023:

Take your time, in a quiet place to write and think. It can take about an hour.


1. What is already going well in my life, that I want to continue?

2.What are you proud of from 2022?

3. What can you leave behind to make space for something better in 2023?

4. Do I need to forgive anyone, including myself, to move forward?

5. What have you been afraid to do in 2022 that you are ready to face this year?

6. What are you 3 greatest strengths?

7. How can you use these to add more value to your life?

8. What makes you happy?

9. How can you do this more often, starting now?

10. What are you looking forward to this year?

11. What do you want to achieve by the end of 2023? (Think big!)

12. How can you start that now, this month?

13. How will you know you have achieved it?

15. When will you have this done by?

16. What new experience do you want to have this year?

17. Name one small thing you will do everyday to help be your best self

18. How can I keep this habit going?

19. How will I practice self care, especially in stressful situations?

20. Write a special message of love and encouragement to yourself from your soul.

Now revisit those resolutions and with the focus of the above you should feel clearer, calmer and more determined. I am always here to help you focus so please message me if you have anything you want to talk through. 2023 is a new year, is it going to be the year that you start focusing on you?

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