Water Lily

30 Top Tips to Banish the Blues and Reconnect with your Mind, Body and Soul

 Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I have found these so helpful and hope you do to.  I challenge you to try one out each day so that in a month you would have discovered which ones work best for you.  


  1. Read

  2. Do a Puzzle

  3. Sit in the garden

  4. Bake a cake

  5. Meditate

  6. Journal

  7. Learn something new

  8. Stop screen time at least 30minutes before bedtime


  1. Eat Healthy meal

  2. Relax in a bath

  3. Get a good nights sleep

  4. Stay hydrated, do the 2lt challenge 

  5. stretch each day

  6. Go for a walk

  7. Go outside for at least 1 hour a day

  8. Eat your 5 a day

  9. Try a new activity

  10. Exercise


  1. Call a friend, don't just message

  2. Visit someone

  3. Help someone or volunteer

  4. Give a gift

  5. Write a letter and post it

  6. Write down what you are grateful for

  7. Eat dinner together

  8. Tell someone what you like about each other

Your Environment

  1. De-clutter one cupboard / area 

  2. Give away your clothes you haven't worn in a year

  3. De-clutter your work space

  4. Find out what clutter stresses out your family members and decide which areas you will all try and keep clear.