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30 Top Tips to Banish the Blues and Reconnect with your Mind, Body and Soul

 Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I have found these so helpful and hope you do to.  I challenge you to try one out each day so that in a month you would have discovered which ones work best for you.  


  1. Read

  2. Do a Puzzle

  3. Sit in the garden

  4. Bake a cake

  5. Meditate

  6. Journal

  7. Learn something new

  8. Stop screen time at least 30minutes before bedtime


  1. Eat Healthy meal

  2. Relax in a bath

  3. Get a good nights sleep

  4. Stay hydrated, do the 2lt challenge 

  5. stretch each day

  6. Go for a walk

  7. Go outside for at least 1 hour a day

  8. Eat your 5 a day

  9. Try a new activity

  10. Exercise


  1. Call a friend, don't just message

  2. Visit someone

  3. Help someone or volunteer

  4. Give a gift

  5. Write a letter and post it

  6. Write down what you are grateful for

  7. Eat dinner together

  8. Tell someone what you like about each other

Your Environment

  1. De-clutter one cupboard / area 

  2. Give away your clothes you haven't worn in a year

  3. De-clutter your work space

  4. Find out what clutter stresses out your family members and decide which areas you will all try and keep clear.

30 Tips to Banish the Blues: Welcome
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