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Every month I find it so important to reflect back on the month that has just been and to be excited for the month to come. To have some direction, some focus, some fun in my mind and written down so that another month doesn't just drift by aimlessly with no acknowledgement or just aware that it was fine.

No, I don't want another fine month, I want a great month with accomplishments, wonder and adventure. I want to be with people that I love and that love me back in return, I want to know that my family have had quality time with me as well as smashing it at work.

Does this sound too much like a good thing? Are you thinking that it isn't possible?

It is possible, you just have to think it, believe it and live it.

We journal to feel proud of what we have done, no matter how small. We journal to learn from the sadness, the upset and the mistakes and then let them go. Allow them to fall from your tree like the leaves do in Autumn. They are acknowledged, but we don't need to hold on to them. We move on with grace and determination.

I start looking out for snowdrops, in the anticipation that spring is arriving and winter is leaving. The evenings are lighter and longer. I can feel the warmth of the sun and know that we are nearly there, holding our breath before spring bursts into life. I love this short month of February especially knowing that there is a weeks holiday with the children and pancake day!!

Here are the questions that we filled out for leaving January and moving into February;

  1. What was your overall mood for January?

  2. What were your main highlights?

  3. What are you proud of?

  4. What did you learn?

  5. What was your biggest challenge?

  6. What are you grateful for?

  7. What do you need to focus on this month?

  8. What are you most excited about? (if you can't think of one, this is where you add one in!)

  9. What do you like the most about February?

  10. Who do you want to see?

  11. Where do you want to go?

  12. What are your 3 main goals?

  13. What one word describes your intention this month?

  14. What do you want to say to yourself in February?

Take your time, put on some relaxing music and enjoy this process. It can feel refreshing and purposeful. It is another tool to learn how to let go of the past, be excited for the future but live with joy for today.

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