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Less Stress? Yes Please!

Last night I ran a masterclass on how to reduce stress to feel more confident, calm and in control of your life. Using my ICE-CORE strategy you can methodically work through what you need to do.

I = Identify

C =Change

E = Eliminate

You are unique and therefore your stressors are specific to you, your situation and lifestyle. I cannot tell you what triggers you, but you will know. The first task is to identify what it is that makes you stressed.

You are now aware of what it is you need to address and now we need to change elements of your lifestyle so that you can reduce, avoid or eliminate it. It might be you aren't getting enough sleep, your diet needs looking at or you haven't got a good work-life balance.

Once you have worked through ICE we then add in you CORE, which is what everyone needs to have in their life to ensure they are releasing those happy hormones; serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin, and living a balanced, happy life. The beauty of CORE is that you can use these as your go to when you are feeling stressed. You are not going to be free from stress forever but if you know how to manage your stress in the best way for you, then you won't be stressed for long. You won't be having sleepless nights and being unproductive due to worry and doubt. You will know the signs, the triggers and what to do to help yourself avoid it spiralling out of control.

So what is CORE?

C = Communication

O = Outdoors

R = Relaxation

E = Exercise

How can you ensure CORE is included in your life?

You need to communicate your stressors to others so certain things can be lessened or stopped completely. You need a support network around you so that when those unavoidable situations crop up, like becoming redundant, you have people to help you and talk it through with you. Feeling part of a community, laughing, smiling and feeling loved lessens your stress. Physical contact helps release oxytocin, even if it is a hug with your children, hold it for at least 7 seconds and feel your body start to relax.

We need to boost our natural happy hormones in our bodies. These boost your well-being by being outside, exercising and relaxing. The added benefits of fresh air, time out, sunshine, music, laughing, gratitude, and achieving, all help you to feel good and eliminate stress.

Your task, now is to ensure you know what your stressors are. Once you have identified them, you can move forward with resolving them. This is the tricky part, and why I am a confidence coach. I help you to find the confidence to change to eliminate stress and live the life you desire.

It is possible, many of my clients and myself have worked through this process and can have the control over their stress that they didn't have before. If you would like some help to work out how to eliminate, avoid or reduce your stressors, please contact me or book a free half hour slot here:

Keep Shining

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