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It's not me, it's you!!

How many times have you said "I can't do that because...

  • My other half is out that night

  • I need to look after the kids

  • I don't have anyone to go with

  • I can't go on my own

  • I would go but my friend pulled out

  • My boss needs me, I couldn't leave

  • I have to stay late because she has called in sick

  • He/she forgot to buy it

  • He/she forgot it was our night out

  • He /she let me down

  • He/ she never phoned me

  • I don't think they like me

  • I don't think they want me to go

  • It's her/his turn

So these excuses mean that you dont:

  • Go out

  • Join the gym

  • Start a new class

  • Change jobs

  • Make a different dinner

  • Celebrate an occasion

  • Take control

  • Take what could be yours

Sound familiar?

Let's not use others as our excuses. If we really want to do something, we can do it, it is just easier with others and I get that.

But what you do need to work on is:

  • Your confidence, not your relationships.

  • Your motivation not your reliance

Stop taking the easy option and blaming time or others. You can do this...

But how?

I get this a lot and it is different for every person and every situation but let's just take starting a new class as an example.

  1. Decide what it is you want to do

  2. Find out where it is

  3. Call/message them so they are expecting you (this means you will feel held accountable and more likely to go even if your friend pulls out!)

  4. Arrange child care if necessary

  5. Go and enjoy it guilt free. You deserve it, you work your butt off!!

As a coach I help you find that confidence to go and do it. I help you work through your limiting beliefs that could be holding you back. I encourage and motivate you when you are struggling and celebrate every win however small it might seem.

It's time to fly, don't let others hold you back, don't let yourself hold you back. You have so got this.

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