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Do you truly know your goals?

In life we are often told to set a goal, have an aim, a focus and this is great but how do we do that in the most effective way?

I like to use visualisation as the most effective tool for me. Not only do I enjoy it but it actually is used to help your unconscious mind know what is important to you and make that one of the key things to focus on. Everything linked to that goal will be kept for you, not filtered out as something we don't need or want.

I recently ran 2 mini training events looking at how to use visualisation and then how to start getting that goal. What you need to do first is come up with a goal. Something that would make you feel so happy, that would change your life for the better and is set in a positive way. We don't want a goal that is wanting to move, because you hate where you live now. That is too based in the negative and is much harder to attain. If you find your goals are all linked to negative reasons, try and turn them round or do some gratitude work on what you have now so that you can move towards your goal with joy, not away from a place of hate. I would like to move house so I can grow vegetables in my garden, is an example of how a goal is enhancing your life and would create a beautiful mental image of you in the garden, planting, working, enjoying the outdoors and fresh air.

Your goal has been chosen and we now need to visualise it. I want you to sit quietly, take a moment to float out of your body, travel to the 'future you' and see through your own eyes what it feels like to have achieved your goal. Whilst you are there soak in everything that your senses are telling you. Look at your physiology of how you hold yourself, how you behave now you have that goal.

Come back to now and remember all that you felt. Re-visit your goal throughout your day to remind your unconscious mind what we are heading for. Now it is time to act.

There are 2 things you need to do. The first is writing down the first thing that comes to your mind to get you to that goal. Once you have written it down, take your pen off the paper, your list is done, now go and do it!! A list can go on forever and be quite overwhelming. I do have a big list but every day I just choose 1 thing or I don't even look at it and do as I said above, write one thing that comes into my head first, do that and then repeat.

The second challenge for you is to start taking on the physiology of your 'future you'. This is who you saw; what they looked like, how they stood, sat, talked etc. Start being that person now to make that goal much easier to get. You don't need that goal to make you feel more confident. It will help but you can still hold yourself confidently, trick your mind, and go with that strong look, which will make you feel more confident anyway.

This is the first couple of stages of knowing your goal. We don't just want to believe in our goal but we want to know it like we know the stars shine every night. A sure knowledge that doesn't take time and effort but is a fact. Our unconscious mind likes that, it can work with that and will work towards that.

It is really exciting thinking and picturing your future. Putting feelers out there for what you want and knowing that your unconscious mind will be working on it too, without you realising it. So help yourself and work on what you need to do to get closer to that end goal.

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