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Confident Me

I am a confidence coach and I love working with people, watching their confidence grow as they become more self aware, smash down their barriers, realise what was holding them back and strive forwards with a smile on their face.

But... it isn't easy, it doesn't happen overnight and our doubts are always ready to question our resolve.

I have a coach and I try to surround myself with other coaches and entrepreneurs so I can watch, learn and grow alongside others too.

I still have limiting beliefs that hold me back, even though I know what they are and I know what to do about them mostly, they still pop up to question me.

I have got a really exciting day tomorrow as it is my coaching group'sChristmas party. I have to keep saying exciting day because actually I am really nervous and as determined as I am to go, it is also going to take a lot of courage to walk through that door...

So why is that you might wonder?

Well I haven't met any of these people, except online, because we all started during COVID and this has been the first proper opportunity to meet up.

I feel shy to walk in. What if they don't know who I am or don't say hello or are so busy in their own conversation I am left on my own? What if they are so excited to see each other because they have met before and I haven't and I feel left out.

This is one side I wanted to share with you because then I want to share what I do next...

I have a plan...I know it is a bar, so that is an easy place to walk up to and get a drink whilst saying hello to those people at the bar.

I am not one of those people who walk in and shout hello to everyone, I have always been rather envious of those people but I know I won't be doing that.

I am calm, I will push my shoulders back, hold my head up high, take a deep breath and push that door open. I have done it before and I can do it again.

I will be repeating my affirmation (which changes depending on the situation) You can do it, you are an amazing coach and person, get in there and make some friends!!

It isn't easy, I am being pushed right out my comfort zone but if we don't get out our comfort zone we will never change, never progress, never have new opportunities to explore.

I know this will make a difference to me. I know I need to do this more than I don't. I know I want to do this and I know I can do this.

Don't let doubt stop you from getting out there and doing what you want to do. Yes it might be hard but so much better than being bored in your comfort zone.

Tomorrow I am going on an adventure.

I am excited for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be amazing and I can't wait.

Just by writing this blog my mindset has shifted...could you hear it? The power of journalling and writing what you feel and think and realising what you can do about it...use this tool when you are feeling worried about something, it works

Now I'm off to enjoy my first Christmas Party!

Keep Shining x

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