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2024 is here...How are you feeling?

I always think the New Year is fueled with expectation to make a change, set a new years resolution, to think of all you haven't done last year, all the faults and failing... well that's not great is it?!!

I like to look back at the year that has just gone with gratitude. I love remembering all that we did, where we went, what we achieved. The top 3 moments, and share those with my family. This year I was really fortunate to go on a few holidays and I love getting away, it makes me feel so content. I went to the beach with Freya, my daugter, and Jade, a friend and 2 ponies and it was so much fun. We went flying down the beach and had such an amazing experience.

We also went away with Grandma, my mother-in-law to Winterton on Sea, a beautiful place in Norfolk, just perfect for walking the dogs and running over the sand dunes. The beach is huge and there are so many seals too. We played games, got very wet in massive downpours and felt very alive!

My last amazing experience was going away with some friends to Vienna, enjoying the Christmas markets and seeing the Lipinzanna horses. It is such a treat to be away with friends, without as much responsibility. I was a liability though as I lost my phone as soon as we had landed and discovered I had left it on the plane!! I was so lucky to get it back within half an hour. The Christmas markets were amazing and it was so lovely to be away with friends for a change. We will definitely be doing it again!

So I look back with gratitude for my holidays, my family, my friends, my business, my clients, my life. Are there things to learn from?...absolutely...and that is where my new years goal or positive intention comes in.

This year I have been studying to be a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master and it has blown my mind. I have been using techniques from NLP in my coaching business from the start but studying to become an NLP Master is on an even deeper level and it is changing so much about my life, my family's and my clients.

One of the biggest things that I live by now is that every action comes from a positive intention...That is tricky sometimes when you so disagree with how someone might be behaving and you don't understand why they would do that? Looking back in my life I have always been quite stuck in my way of doing things and that has always been the 'right' way. Well I am not always 'right' and I am just one person with one view of the world. Everyone views the world through a different lense and every experience is taken into our minds in a very different way. There are so many variables of what we actually see compared to others it is sometimes amazing that any of us ever get on!! Until you can walk a mile in their shoes (Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird) then there is no way to understand their reason or positive intention behind their actions.

I have also come to the point when I ask myself and my children 2 questions all the time...Is it helpful? Is it kind? If the answer is no to one of these then don't do it!

The first time I started to question this was after uni. My mum was so poorly and I was visiting her every day in her care home and I really wanted my brother to help more but he said he couldn't. At the time I didn't understand why he wouldn't do more but I did realise that it wouldn't be helpful to continue arguing over it because I didn't want to lose him, I loved him.

So as I continue to look back into my past and challenge my limiting beliefs, I continue to grow. As I let go of the hurt I am allowing huge amounts of love into my life that I can also share so much easier. I want others to be able to do this too and 2024 is all about sharing my love and my passion to help women realise their worth. To love themselves. To grow into a more confident, calm, content lady who is aware of herself and what she needs to do to help herself whilst also being kind.

It is so exciting feeling such clarity and drive to make a difference. We talk about positive intentions in NLP and my positive intention for 2024 is exactly that. I will make a positive difference to the lives of as many women as I possibly can. I will love and laugh more.

What is your positive intention for 2024? Is it to love more, to be patient, to live in the moment, to have more fun?

Set it now, know it and start living it and you will see it all around you.

A very Happy New Year to you x

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