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Stay Calm and Eat Mince Pies!!

I think the build up to Christmas can bring so many different feelings...Stress, excitement, dread, happiness. I wonder what you are feeling? Stop and have a think and unravel why you feel that way. If it is bringing you down, what can you do to get out of that funk?

I used to find Christmas shopping exciting, especially when I can go into the shops and enjoy everything around me. The problem is, when it is so busy, I don't really like it now. Side effects of a pandemic and not being around lots of strangers, for what seems like years, well nearly is!

Luckily Christmas day and boxing day are sorted and we don't have the stress of where we go and who we visit as it is the same each year and everyone is happy with that. I love being with family at Christmas, I still find it magical, but not quite as a child does! Oh the beautiful innocence of a child's excitement at Christmas I would like to bottle and keep forever. I still remember how I felt when I was a child and it was something really special.

I would really like to give a big squeeze to those who are dreading Christmas due to family complications, bereavement, working or feeling alone. I still find Christmas hard without my parents. All I can say to you is to be kind to yourself, give yourself a break, it is a hard time of year. Stay calm and eat mince pies is probably not the best advice but I do love a mice pie and it tastes so good so maybe 1 or 2 is really just medicinal!!

We are doing a kindness calendar again this year to try and get the children, and us, to stop and realise how lucky we are for what we have and to be aware of when other people might be struggling. Sometimes you are unaware of what a little act of kindness can do for someone else.

Each morning I am going live in my Facebook group to share what we are doing each day and you are welcome to join us. It is called The Outdoor Lifeline or message me and I can add you.

Have a wonderful first week of advent, stay calm and enjoy the madness (and mince pies!).

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Jenny Brent
Jenny Brent
Dec 03, 2021

Lovely thoughtful post thanks Helen. Big squeeze for you too.

I'm feeling various things in the build up to Christmas, while trying not to be extra busy, and enjoying the festivities with my family.

And I have the anniversary of loss as well as the celebration of my rainbow baby's birthday 🌈 (which we are all excited about).

Replying to

It is such an emotional time of the year and you have the additional birthday as well. Happy birthday rainbow baby. Lots of love x

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