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Look up and smile!

I have noticed, especially on the joys of the school run and standing in the playground that there are some people who always smile at you, even if they don't know you, there are those who smile when they do know you, there are those who look away, even though they know you and then there are those people who don't know you and why the hell would they look at you, let alone smile!!

I have always tried to look up and smile, but I know this can be exhausting especially when you know that person is coming who sometimes smiles and chats to you and other times just walks right by and ignors you! I get that, we all do! The thing is it can be easier to look away and save any possible rejection but if you do smile, you might make someone's bad day a little bit better. And when you get a smile back, it makes you feel good too.

My family are always saying that I am happy to speak to anyone, and it is true. I love meeting new people, hearing about their day and finding out about a different lifestyle. I understand it isn't always possible to chat to anyone but my challenge to you this week is to look someone in the eye and smile. Make it an experiment and see how many more people smile, than don't. Isn't it funny how hard and yet how simple a smile can be...

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