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I don't have enough time!

On Wednesday I ran a workshop looking at how the lack of time can stop you from doing what you need to do but also how we can use it as an excuse.

Here is the recording if you would prefer to listen instead of reading on:

I often say I haven't got time but actually if I was more organised and motivated I could fit it in.

First of all though, what is it that you are trying to do when you say you haven't got time?

Whatever it is that you keep putting you really need or want to do it?

Could you adapt or change what it is?

I know many of my clients want to get fitter but if you keep planning on going to the gym and you don't get there, maybe the gym isn't for you? Could you go for a run, join a local class instead.

Look at what you are trying to do and maybe it is the environment that is all wrong.

Maybe if it is cleaning, you could get a cleaner but a lot if the time, especially with work, things need to get done.

How can we get it done though when it feels like we have so little time...??

Task 1: Lets have a look at your day...

Write down the times and activities of a normal working/ parenting day.

Look closely. Are there any gaps, which you could use, at lunch, before dinner, before the rest of the house wakes if you got up half an hour earlier or in the evening?

Task 2: Social Media

Look at how long you spend on social media. Your phone will have it in the wellbeing settings. Is it a good use of your time?

I know some people need it for work, but if you don't I'm sure you will see there is some time you could use there instead.

Mine last week was 10 hours, which feels too much, even though I am using it for work. I am going to be more focussed when I go on so I dont get sidetracked and start scrolling. 10 hours is a lot of time I could be using elsewhere.

So we can find time, even if it is tricky and needs a bit of effort.

For those of you that have the time, when they look closely but know they still aren't doing it, maybe we have to dive a bit deeper and see what else it could are some examples and what you could do to improve it:

  • Lack of motivation Buddyup with someone or get a coach to hold you accountable. Say your affirmations and celebrate your wins, however small.

  • Tiredness: Go to be earlier, eat healthily and drink lots of water

  • Procrastination: get planning to feel in control and stay focussed. Write down every small task of a big project, for example, prioritise and work you way through each task.

  • Overwhelm: so much is in your head it needs to be taken out! Write it down, same as above. Be proactive not reactive, especially if you have children!

  • Money: choose and prioritise what is important to spend your money on.

Task 3: Deep dive

Journal around what you are trying to do and why it doesn't get done, don't think too much just put pen to paper and keep writing for about 10 minutes. It is always interesting what you end up writing.

Task 4: Take action

Take steps to get this job done. Plan it, organise your time, break it down, ask for help, be proactive.

I am here to bounce ideas off.

You can book in a free discovery call below.

Keep Shining,

Helen x

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