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Gratitude for 2021

Yes it isn't a typo, I meant to write 2021!! This is a reflection on 2021 to stop and think all that 2021 brought to us. Every year has its ups and downs but what was good? What was sad but maybe led to something unexpected? What did you change? What did you mean to do and never got round to it?!! What made you really belly laugh?

Reflecting back on a year can make me feel sad. Another year gone by...But I do love collecting memories and reflecting back reminds us of all we did. I love going through the year with the kids, showing them the photos that we took throughout the year. They are often so surprised that it all happened in one year!!

There are some years that we do just want to be done with. Great sadness years that hurt and are hard to find the little bits of good. Do look though...they are there...just open the door...

Next post I will be looking forwards to what 2022 might bring but for now, before you get caught up in your day to day life, take a moment to be grateful for 2021 x

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