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Friday Focus; Isolation

This week covid hit our household and my daughter, Freya, had to isolate.

Normally on a Saturday, when Joshua is at an away football match, Freya and I chill out together and generally stay in our pyjamas! It's a lovely start to the day, especially as every other day we are up early for school or the stables.

But this Saturday was different, because we weren't allowed to go out and suddenly that meant all she wanted to do was go out! We had tears and anger at the realisation of everything she couldn't do for at least a week. When something is taken away from you it certainly makes you realise how much you like, want and enjoy it. She even missed school this week!!

The most wonderful moment arrived and she was free! We went to the stables and she threw her arms around a pony she had missed for a week. She rode with the biggest smile in her face and just kept saying thank you Mummy, thank you...

Now if that isn't gratitude, I don't know what is. Isolation is crap, but feeling free and knowing all you can do with it, is pretty amazing.

One of my clients, who was also freed from isolation this week said, "I just went outside and walked, breathing in the fresh air, it was wonderful. I didn't want to sit, just keep walking".

Sometimes it is the most natural, simple things that are so easy to take for granted that become all we need and crave for at that moment.

Sending love and patience to those of you isolating. Sending hope that you are well with it too.

Enjoy your freedom...

Love Helen x

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