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As the Autumn leaves Change, so can you...

I love Autumn, it is such a beautiful time of the year with the leaves changing the most stunning colours. I know many people can suffer with SAD, with the darker evenings, leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark too. It can take a while to adjust so try to embrace the change of the season and get outside in amongst its beauty, at least at the weekend and if you can during your lunch break.

Get collecting conkers, and the biggest leaves with the kids. Make bird feeders for the birds or have bird feed set out for them (unless you have an equally hungry cat!!)

Walking on a clear, crisp Autumn day is magical. Wrap up warm, kick up the leaves and enjoy seeing the world from a different perspective. See how the sky has changed colour, how you can see further since the leaves have fallen, notice the intricate shapes of the trees that are always there, but you can't always see, hidden behind the leaves. Watch those hardy plants, battling against the wind, roots firmly in the ground.

Have you got a small change that you could do this week? How about decluttering a cupboard, a worktop, your desk? You can feel a lot less stressed when the environment around you is calm and clear.

Take a moment to think what you can change, starting this week, that would make a positive impact on your life...

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