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So this is a bit if a random blog post but I feel really passionate about it so I wanted to share.

I have been running my own business for the last 10 years, 4 years in coaching and before that I ran my own business as a childminder for 6 years.

I haven't always made a profit at the end of each month, especially if I have enrolled on a course to help with my business and professional development, but I have always put money away into savings from my income, even if it is only 1%.

By the end of the year I have seen my savings increase and by the end of the year I can enjoy treating myself with my 1% profit. I understand that this doesn't sound much, but the important thing is that we are saving every month, no matter how small. I won't miss my last 1% that left my account today at £4.75, but I will enjoy watching it build up in my savings.

My husband also read that if every day you put away 1p more than the last, that also is an amazing way of saving. So day 1 is 1p, day 2 is 2p etc all the way up to day 365 is £3.65. If you stick to the plan, by the end of the year you can have over £650!

Little saving tricks that might help you out especially when the cost of living is so high. Here is the table below to show what you would put away in savings each month if you kept saving 1 extra pence a day.

I know that finding this amount above each month might not be possible but I just wanted to share that even 1% of you earnings is a wonderful start and allows you to feel good about your work and all that you do. Feeling grateful and excited about money helps you feel more confident, knowing that you are moving forwards and helps you with a more positive money mindset. Knowing that it doesn't just go on bills and you have nothing to show by the end of each month...Well maybe it's time to change that and have 1% saved every month...

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