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You've got stuck in a moment...can you get out of it?

I have just been to the cinema, but I nearly didn't go...and do you know why? Covid. I was thinking about our holiday and the fact that going might risk getting it and therefore stop us going away...and maybe it did but we thought it through and felt it was a calculated risk.

Myself, a friend and our kids, headed out after school to watch Sing 2 and it was sooooo good, we were all buzzing afterwards. It was so uplifting, I actually felt like I was in the theatre at times. I wanted to clap, sing along and oh I felt good, I felt alive.

We hadn't been to the cinema in years. Previously a very normal, enjoyable trip out suddenly had a higher risk factor. Now as a mum I am constantly risk assessing, where we are going, who with, busy roads, crowds, the step that could be tripped on!! The list is endless so now I have added covid to that list.

Life is different, walking round in a mask and sitting at a slight distance to others, working from home, but tonight, it didn't stop me enjoying my night!

In fact I had one of the best nights I have had out in a long time and what does that say about my social life?!

Sing 2, a children's film, made me feel so happy, free, sociable and there was even a glimmer of the old days. I'm not one for wanting to go back to how things were, we move on, adapt, change to how life is now but I didn't think about covid whilst I was watching that film.

To those of you who are worrying about going out again, I was too. To those of you who nearly cancelled or do, I nearly did too. To those of you walking in thinking, please be OK, I was thinking that too. Focus on your friend's conversation, your child's laughter, the film.

In the words of U2 "Don't say, later will be better, you've got stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it"

Now that song was also in Sing 2 and it was so poignant when I saw the 'moment' as the pandemic. Yes we did get stuck in a moment, and there were times we couldn't get out of it...BUT WE CAN NOW!

Be brave, phone a friend and go for a cup of coffee, a walk, the cinema at a quiet time. Do something 'normal' and it will start to become more like that. The more we do, the easier it will be. It is another risk to assess in our Mummy brain, but that is OK, that is what we do.

Oh and do go and see Sing is epic!!

Stop hiding, start shining, much love x

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