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Who knew I would have a dog?!

Last week I have been focusing on visualisations and before I could run my workshop on Wednesday I wanted to go through it again for myself.

This time it was clearer than before, and I had a wonderful surprise...

The visualisation starts at your home, as you are today and takes you up to the sky, following a beam of light until you are up in the stars feeling free and aware that there is another light, with a different colour that you now want to follow.

This light takes you slowly down through the stars, into the clouds below and slowing down as you can see where you are living, 5 years later. Is this the same house? Is this somewhere different? What town, village or country are you even in?!

As you focus on your house, what does it look like? Do you have a garden? A pool? Is it a flat, a villa, a caravan? Take yourself down so your feet feel the ground and step up to your front door. What does it look like?

Take a step forward, open the door and walk into your home. Again look around, see what it looks like, and enjoy wandering from room to room.

When you find a comfortable place to sit down you see your future self already there...what do you look like? How do you seem?

You sit down together and you ask your future self how they are? What do they do? How did they get there? And most importantly if there was 1 bit of advice you would give yourself 5 years ago what would it be?

I had 2 real surprises that stayed with me and they were...

  1. As I opened the front door a big dog came running towards me, tail wagging and was so pleased I was home.

  2. The one bit if advice my future self gave me was to believe in myself.

I didn't really think a dog had such a huge place in my life, but this was so clear.

I also thought I did believe in myself but after this visualisation I realised I was hopeful but didn't have a deep rooted belief. To feel the strength of that deep belief in myself grow as I saw where I could be if I just believed made me feel quite emotional and determined.

Take a moment to visualise your future self, follow the steps above and see what you discover. It might just give you the image you need to focus.

Be brave, be bold, be you.

Keep Shining,

Helen x

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