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Social Media Quandary

I have been spending more time than ever before on social media as it helps my business and it allows me to connect and get to know people that otherwise I couldn't. I love meeting people and learning about different lifestyles and I get this through the conversations I have started, especially on Instagram.

Starting and growing relationships is hard work though and sometimes I just want to go for a walk and not even have my phone with me.

Other times I feel torn between scrolling on social and putting it down for my time. It is addictive and I feel horribly guilty if I am on for too long and groggy too. When I look at the time I have been scrolling for and what I could have done in that time instead, I feel bad.

So I am embracing and loving the fun and friendships that are being built but having to keep a check on it to make sure I'm not having too much screen time and endless scrolling.

I now have a mission and a time limit to ensure I'm not on too long. I know I will put up a post, a story and a reel and that I will answer all messages and look through the content that interests me but this doesn't have to be more than half an hour, twice a day. This is working progress though as it is so easy to get caught up reading post after post and enjoying the music to the reels that go by.

My first slogan when I started out as a coach was 'stop scrolling, start strolling'. This was right at the start of lockdown in 2020 and it felt so important, and still does now, to get outside and feel the benefits of nature rather than mindlessly scrolling on our phones.

So yes use social media, yes connect with others but also be aware of the time you are scrolling and more importantly be aware of what is being shown. It is a snapshot of life, not the whole picture.

If you are feeling like your self-esteem has taken a bit of a hit, going on the social platforms can knock you further. Be kind to yourself and be aware of what you are reading. Call a friend instead if you are feeling lonely, don't always rely on social media as you main source of connection.

Connecting in person, via a zoom call if you can't get out, is better than scrolling on social the whole time. Developing connections to yourself, others and the world around you helps grow your confidence, not just through one, social media, avenue.

So yes I love the connections I am making and I am so grateful to have met so many wonderful people from all over the world but it doesn't have to be for hours every day.

I have to put it aside and live my life, not waste mine, watching other people's lives, through a screen.

You can hear the quandary as you read of how I feel towards the good social media that connects and shares positively and also how it can be so damaging as well.

If you feel like you are becoming too dependent on social media and know you need to cut back, message me and I can help.

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