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Slow down!

One of the biggest things I felt when I came home from holiday was how fast our lives are, every day, non stop and I had a day of feeling so overwhelmed before I almost remembered how I coped with all I needed to do.

It was a really strange feeling to have forgotten how I had been managing, but oh so lovely too!! I need to do my work, remember to check what Freya needs for school, what Joshua needs, to make sure I have asked the evening before incase there is some homework that is due in! I need to order dinners for Joshua, put money into Freya's account for her school, confirm bookings at clubs and pay for them.

Every morning I need to remember what they need to take in, is it guitar today or piano, football after school, playdates, what they are wearing, do they need something special as it's a dress up day that I had forgotten about!

Double and triple checking my messages as the wonderful year group WhatsApp support usually reminds me of anything I had forgotten.

This next one should be a routine but my children are feral! I need to remember to tell them to have a bath, shower, wash hair, cut nails! I mean seriously is it just mine who really don't care if they are dirty and smell?! They honestly think they are fine stinking of horse poo, mud down their legs, dirty fingernails and hair stuck to their head it's so matted...

But these basic things to remember suddenly became too much, I couldn't get my head straight and forgot a lot that week!

Some days just feel like that and you are constantly catching your tail and just want the world to slow down so you can stop, breathe and start again...

Well maybe we should take a moment, just 2 mins, to calm the mind so it becomes clearer again. It might not feel like you have the time to but go to the toilet and just sit there. It is actually a rather quiet space to get your head back in gear!

Feeling overwhelmed isn't a comfortable emotion and recognising when you are starting to feel like that is so important so you can do something about it. When you need to slow down and re-group.

Our lives are so busy, so managing them the best we can is so important to feel calm, confident and in control.

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