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Journalling to combat Overwelm

Last night I ran a Journalling workshop, with a focus on overwhelm. Below I have written the questions that I ran through for you to be able to answer them too, if you would like.

I have always written a diary, since I was a child and I love getting my thoughts and feelings out on to paper. It is like the pensieve in Harry Potter! I find it is so refreshing to release the load of my thoughts, so it isn't building up inside of me, feeling like there is no escape.

It is a tool you can use for life and one I would highly recommend trying if you haven't before. Have a look at the questions below and take your time to answer in a quiet, calm space. Maybe have some meditation music on in the background and try not to get distracted by work, kids and all that you need to do.

Take some deep breaths before you start and then go through each question. Don't think too much just start writing and go with the flow. You might be surprised with some of your answers and this is OK. If you would like to talk through any of it please do message me. Here we go: ●What does my overwhelm cycle look like? ●What overwhelming thoughts do I choose to partake in? ●What do I want to feel instead of overwhelm/ stress/ anxiety? ●What thoughts or behaviour do I need to change to get out of this overwhelm/ stress/ anxiety? ●How can I identify when I am slipping into overwhelm? What do you notice happens first, at the beginning of the spiral? ●What am I going to do instead of my old overwhelm cycle? ●How can I support myself through this process of overwhelm? ●Are there any limiting beliefs I need to let go of in this situation? What beliefs are keeping me in this cycle of overwhelm? Well done for going for it, it isn't easy to challenge your thoughts but journalling is such a fab place to start, to begin your journey, to becoming more self aware.

Keep Shining x

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