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I am Thankful for Today

I have just finished reading The Midnight Library by Matt Haig and it really got me thinking. It is such a good read and I highly recommend it as a fabulous book all about life.

Nora, has had enough of her life and tries to take her own but inbetween life and death she visits The Midnight Library where she tries different versions of her own life in a parallel universe. She chooses these lives based on her regrets and trying to change them by making a different choice.

But does life work out better when you change a regret to what you think you should have done? Is it your dream or someone else's and the reason you regret it is just because you feel bad for letting someone else down and their dream? Is it truely your regret or did you actually make the right decision for you?

The choices you have made are what you chose then and can we accept them as that or will you let regret eat you up inside? If you had chosen differently it might not have been the better choice in the end.

So you ended up saying yes to a new job, which you always regretted saying no to, but then you have such demands on you that you don't enjoy your life even though you have more money...

It is a fascinating concept that we could be living in a parallel universe doing things slightly or very differently. If we can do things differently there, then we could do it here too. What holds you backwards? What makes you think you can't?

We are here to live the best version of ourselves, to be thankful for everyday, to be present in the now, to realise the beauty around us, everyday, no matter how small. If you focus on your regrets then our life feels negative and you feel like you have failed, always looking backwards instead of forwards. Think of all you have done, the positive impact you have on people that you may be unaware of. How your small actions could have saved their own lives, how love to ourselves and others is a healthier focus. Love will build the foundations of your life.

Nora, realised she needed more love but actually when she looked carefully it was there she just hadn't known. A brother who was so caught up in his own troubles, that he didn't see hers. He still loved her so so much but she thought his distance meant he didn't. She thought he was still annoyed with her from a past decision she had made, but he wasn't.

Tell people you love them, don't let them feel alone. Know that you are loved and be thankful every day that we are alive.

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