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Outdoor Adventurous Activities

I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie, I love being outdoors, I love going fast, I love pushing myself and challenging myself. I love the buzz that it gives me and also the calm of just being totally immersed in that activity. Nothing at that moment matters except catching that wave, jumping that jump or getting that bit of gear in whilst holding onto what seems like a pebble!

Growing up I loved going fast on a bike downhill. There was a wonderful moment where my brother and I ended up in a field next to the lane when I realised we weren't going to stop in time and a car was coming!

I loved theme park rides, horse riding and even got the chance to try dry slope skiing once, which was awesome! When I was in year 9 I went to stay at Blue Peris, an outdoor centre, which opened up my mind to some of the adventures I hadn't tried yet. Having climbed, abseiled, and sea cliff traversed, to name a few, I had found my goal as a job.

I learned to surf at University and climb, whilst working at an outdoor centre. These 2 sports led me to travelling round the world surfing and climbing along the way. It was when we were travelling that I found my love of horses again and stayed on many wonderful ranches working.

My most wonderful experience came when I bought Edward my crazy, gorgeous pony. He taught me patience and love on a different level. We galloped across stubble fields going so fast, tears were streaming down my face. We went on cross country courses, flying through the air whilst jumping, zooming around a steeple chase, and competing in show jumping. He was a pony of a lifetime and my dream come true. When I was a little girl I would run to the window just at the sound of hooves. I always wanted a pony and I didn't give up on that dream, finally getting him at the age of 30. Did you have a dream that has been forgotten over time? Is there something you still want to do but don't know how to do it? Dream, Believe, Achieve.

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