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Dreams can come true...

As a child I used to dream of horses, play my little ponies, imagine I was a horse, or that I had a horse, or that my bike was a horse...Yeah you guessed it I was absolutely pony mad!! We lived in a village surrounded by stables and whenever I heard the hoofbeats on the road outside I would run to the window and if I had time to the front of the house, just to watch them go by and get a little closer.

On my 9th birthday I got a riding hat and was absolutely over the moon...another step closer to riding. When I opened the card it said " a riding hat isn't much use without riding lessons so they begin this Thursday!" Well that blew my mind!! I was honestly so happy with the riding hat that I was quite happy to wait for lessons.

My dream of horses went a little deeper as I always wanted my own, but I also realised that it couldn't happen as we could never afford it. I understood our situation as a family and I was very happy with riding lessons. One day I read an article about a lady who got her first pony at 80 and it allowed me to believe that just because it wouldn't be now, didn't mean it wouldn't be one day... That really allowed me to believe, knowing that one day I could get there. I didn't know how or when but it was just put into storage until the time was right.

21 years later...I met Ed! He was on loan at a local stables and as soon as I saw him I fell in love with him. I bought him a couple of years later and my oldest dream had come true!! If that wasn't enough, I even got to ride him along the beach!! Ed was one of the best things that ever happened to me. He took me through some very dark times and he gave me a purpose, love and such happiness.

We all need something that is for us, our thing that we love to do with others, with an animal, or on our own. If you can't think what you love to do maybe have a think back to your childhood and maybe there was something you used to love doing then that you could try again now...

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