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Change Challenge

Fear is one of the biggest reasons that we are held back in life. The fear of failure, the fear of losing what you have now and what if it isn't any better...what if the grass isn't greener...

When I was about 12 I realised that 'what if' and 'if only' were not good for me. They didn't help me get whatever it was I wanted, they didn't help me feel good, infact they made me feel sad as if it wasn't possible. So I decided that from then on I would not use them and only try and think in a positive way. I still do this now and it has always helped.

My mum was a preacher in the Methodist Church at the time and when I told her this she went and did a sermon all about it saying how we should also live trying not to say those phrases and seeing life in a more positive way.

I read an article of a lady getting her first pony in her 80's and that's when I knew it was might not be now but I knew my dream of getting getting pony would come true.

This is the thing with change, it doesn't have to be instant it can be something we work towards.

So my challenge to you is can you give yourself 10 minutes to just sit down and write all the things you would change and don't stop, don't lift your pen off the paper, just write and empty your mind.

The next challenge is to prioritise, what can you do first, what will have the biggest impact on your happiness...

I would love to hear how you got on 😊

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