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Bucket List

I love a bucket list and have always had one, without realising it, since I was a kid. I'm sure when you were young you would have said, when I grow up I want to be an actress, a train driver, a doctor, a famous footballer etc. So why is it when we get older we stop dreaming and having those, sometimes crazy, ideas? I love crazy dreams because you might not get the whole thing but you might get a little closer. A bucket list is that list of what you really would love to do before you die and if you haven't got one, it is time to get writing.

At the age of about 5 onwards I wanted a pony more than anything else. At the age of 30 I got him. A bucket list isn't about now, it doesn't have to be ticked off in the next year but it is exciting thinking that you would like to do something, go somewhere, get something. I also had on my list a to buy an old style VW Beetle and be a famous athlete. I don't actually want either of these now and that's fine but at the time I was excited by those ideas and worked hard to see if I could or would actually get there.

What would you put on your list? What do you want to do that you haven't yet done? Where do you want to visit, more than anywhere else? Who do you want to meet? Dreaming is good, dreaming allows our minds to wander and allows us to think of different possibilities. As an adult we are often programmed to shut out those thoughts as they are unrealistic and will only make us sad thinking about what we can't have. But does it? Your list, once you start writing, won't just be unrealistic wishes, you will discover that actually you want to do somethings that you could do within the next year, some even today!

Lets not spend anymore energy convincing ourselves it isn't possible, write that list and see what you would change and then choose one and work towards it...

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