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Any excuse will do...

Do you ever find that you have the most amazing imagination when it comes to excuses?!! The reasons to not do something, can really be quite interesting!

Have you ever said; I can't ride tonight it is too windy, too wet, too sunny, too misty and anything else the weather could be?

Have you not got on because there isn't anyone around or there are too many people around? There isn't someone to hold him/her whilst you get on?

Have you not gone out because there isn't anyone else to ride with?

Have you not gone in the school because it is too busy or too quiet?

Is your tack too dirty or you forgot the other numnah?

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated that another excuse has stopped you from doing what you really want to do...and in this example - ride?

The problem is, those excuses are just hiding the actual issue and it is best to work out what is really going on so that you can then have the opportunity to change and feel happier.

So how do we do that?

First of all be aware when it is an excuse.

Be honest with yourself and know that it isn't really the weather, for example, because you would have gone out when you were younger or maybe on your old horse....

Secondly work out what has changed, what is stopping you, what seems to be your block? Get as specific as possible so that it isn't just a general I don't fancy it today...keep asking yourself why over and over again, at least 6 times.

If you write it down it can seem clearer too and help you to understand what is hidden under those excuses.

This happens in every walk of life,so be aware when you are stopping your chance to move forwards, to learn, to experience life because of an excuse.

My biggest excuse is always I do t have enough time... Well that might well be the case at that moment but it doesn't ha e to be if I am more organised, more planned, more focussed on what needs to get done instead of procrastinating.

I am getting up and walking Bella at 6.30am so I now have more time in my day to ride or work. It isn't always easy to get up, but I focus on enjoying my walk and then it isn't so tricky.

What could you change in your lifestyle that will help those excuses be a little less valid?

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