Homeschooling on Lockdown

Less screen time, more outdoors time

Download this free timetable below to help with Homeschooling on Lockdown, maybe whilst working.  
As an outdoor life coach, teacher and mum of two, I feel time outside is so important. It will clear your head, let off steam and allow everyone to concentrate again.
Download now to make your life easier and find fun activities for you and your family.

Lockdown Timetable:

Click on the download button below to immediately get your timetable.  Click enable editing once your document has downloaded and you have your guide and a blank version to make your own.  Move the blank version on to a page by itself and print it out once you have filled it in so the whole family can see what they are doing.  Enjoy a calmer lockdown.

Any questions, problems, advice, support needed do contact me @

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