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Free Challenges

Welcome to the Challenges page, created to feel happier during and now, after lockdown.  Challenges are free and run throughout the year.  Each Challenge has been developed based on knowledge and research to allow you to get the best out of yourself and your family.

Less screen time, more outdoors time and watch the stress lessen and the productivity increase.  Sometimes it looks like a horrid day but don't stay in, you always feel better for getting out in the fresh air. You might want more time out on your own, peacefully enjoying the tranquillity of a walk or you might prefer to chat to a friend whilst walking, putting the world to rights!  

I have recently been speaking to a lot of dog walkers when I have been out and this quote came from a widow in her 70's: "walking my dogs and getting outdoors twice a day has saved me". She totally believed it and was grateful everyday for her dogs who gave her the reason to get outdoors.  We don't all have dogs to make us go out so that is where the challenges help to motivate you.

Join the private Facebook group in the link below to share photos and interact with like minded people. 

Bridge Over River

Challenges: News and Tips
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