Where it all began...

Growing up I was always outside with my brother. We had a big back garden to play tennis, ride our bikes, create dens, mud pies and go karts. As we got older we used to spend a day out on foot or on our bikes taking our pack lunch and heading off down the lanes, over the downs and off exploring. Our parents were strict in so many ways but when it came to the outdoors they allowed us a freedom and an independence that was amazing. It was our time. An adventure waiting to h

Outdoor Adventurous Activities

I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie, I love being outdoors, I love going fast, I love pushing myself and challenging myself. I love the buzz that it gives me and also the calm of just being totally immersed in that activity. Nothing at that moment matters except catching that wave, jumping that jump or getting that bit of gear in whilst holding onto what seems like a pebble! Growing up I loved going fast on a bike downhill. There was a wonderful moment where my brother and I