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Helen Henry;

Confidence Coach

To stop feeling so overwhelmed

I am an outstanding Confidence Coach; helping women who feel overwhelmed, have the confidence to change and cope with those changes that weren't wanted or expected.

Do you sometimes have moments of self doubt? Do you see the good in what others are doing but always criticise yourself? Are you setting such high expectations for yourself that you just keep failing and solidifying that belief that you are just not good enough?

Would you like to feel more confident? Would you enjoy feeling more positive and believing in yourself? Would you like to know how to change your mindset so that you can feel more calm, confident and in control of your life?

If you focus on having the courage to connect to yourself, others and the world around you, the stress and worry that you are feeling will be a lot less and your confidence will increase.     

I also specialise in building confident horse riders in and out of the saddle.  As a horse rider, self doubt can easily transfer into your riding and into your horse.  Equally it is very easy to hide at the stables, your sanctuary, and not deal with the problems going on away from the yard. Imagine being able to ride with confidence and be happy away from the stables...

Are you ready to embrace change and love you, for you, not for who you should be or were? Are you ready for those changes to make an impact not just on you but in your work, at home, at the stables and in all areas of your life?

It is possible, you can do it. 

Please contact me with any questions, I would love to be able to help you.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Helen, a wife, and mother of two beautiful children.  I grew up in a small village in Bedfordshire, with my Mum, Dad and brother.  I love horse riding, climbing, reading and being with my friends and family.  I am a confidence coach, teacher and tutor. 

I have always worked with people and I love seeing them succeed, especially when they don't think they can.  Through years of teaching and coaching I have found it is all about the relationship you have with yourself, others and the world around you that make you more confident.

The biggest knock in my confidence is always when I lose a special connection.  My lowest period was when both my parents were ill and died before I had got married.  They have not met my children and I miss them so much. I felt lost but learnt that through love, being outdoors, being with close family, friends, my pony and cat I could keep going. 

Don't get me wrong, I have bad days, especially around Christmas, but they don't seem to last for long as I am confident to know what to do to help myself.


One of my greatest highs was the realisation that dreams can come true when I got my first pony, Ed, at the age of 30. I waited 25 years and every time I saw him he made me smile and I could not believe he was mine.  The relationship I developed with this incredible pony was one of the best things I have ever experienced.  He helped me learn so much about myself, he taught me patience, love, understanding, fun and laughter with a wonderful group of friends.  I also get when we doubt our ability to ride, when we compare ourselves to others and don't do what we really want to do as we are crippled with fear and anxiety.  Being a horse rider is not always plain sailing!

Another huge high was becoming a mother and understanding what the love of a child can be.  As a new parent I then embarked on the steepest learning curve I have ever been on and oh my goodness it is so tough.  I get how exhausting having children and running a family is.  Throw work on top and it is hard to find time to breathe!! When they are little, getting dressed is a wonderful achievement, and so it should be. 

Whilst the children were preschoolers I worked as a childminder, which I loved to be with my family. When they started school, working as a teacher, with the long hours and pressures wouldn't compliment family life, I embarked on my coaching career. 

I help women, to deal with change, when it isn't always their choice and has left them feeling broken. I feel honoured that these ladies share their story with me and trust in me to help them build their lives the way they really want it to be.  In particular I work with horse riders whose riding and relationship with their horse is being affected by their self doubt.

I am also tutoring children who can't access school, not due to behaviour but anxiety, OCD, Autism and through a patient, gentle approach they have started to believe in themselves and learn again when they didn't think they could.

Mental health can be an ongoing battle. Just imagine feeling more confident so you can live the life you is possible...

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My Values

Experienced Coaching Professional

Fully-certified and accredited since 2000, I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout my local area and beyond facilitating their self-growth. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation. I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life.

My values run through everything that I do in my business;

  • Looking after our wellbeing - physical and mental health.

  • To be Authentic - stay true to myself and you.

  • Communication - the basis of all my programmes is to be able to communicate positively with yourself and others whilst using the benefits of the natural world.

  • Be kind and don't judge so I can help you to achieve your goals

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Life Coaching Sessions

Through my choice of programmes you will work on feeling confident to change what is holding you back and deal with the changes that you weren't expecting.

Each programme is tailor made to suit you and you can choose to be based outside, online, on a call or a combination of them all.

If you don't have the confidence to book a call, that's ok, please email me and I will get back to you asap.

MOD, NHS, teachers and emergency services benefit from 10% discount.

Refer a friend and receive a 10% off your next booking too.

Countryside Road

Confident You 1-2-1 Programme


Confident You has been designed to put yourself first.  Are you tired of always putting yourself last?  Are you tired of not having the confidence to do what you want to do? Would you love to know how to control the build up of stress, that can feel so overwhelming?

Imagine when someone asks you to do something you don't feel yourself spiral downwards because you know you can, you believe in yourself.  Imagine you had the confidence to say yes or no because that is what you really want to say, not what you are expected to say.

Would you like to feel like a confident mother, able to look after your children calmly and enjoy being with them as well as managing to work?

Even though life throws all sorts of crap at you, wouldn't it feel good to be able to cope with those changes, that you didn't choose, but you are having to deal with it anyway?

Don't turn away again and make an excuse for not looking after you.  I can talk to you on the phone, online or a combination of them both during this 12 week programme. 

I will motivate and encourage you to complete your goals so you leave feeling calm, confident and in control of your life. 

You will finish your sessions feeling empowered, knowing that you can, believing in your future and what you are going to do.

Book your free 30 min consultation to connect with me and let's see the best way we can work together.

I look forward to taking to you x


The Outdoor Lifeline 1-2-1 Programme


The Outdoor Lifeline has been designed to use the outdoors to move you from stressed, and anxious to feeling confident and happy using many techniques in a Confident You online programme but with the added bonus of being outside. 

Do you find being inside talking to someone or online looking at someone on a screen a bit intense?  Would you prefer to be walking side by side, with the noises and natural distractions that the outdoors brings? Do you want to get fit but want to start your journey with someone? Do you enjoy being outdoors and could use the natural world to help you heal?

This is a tailor made programme to suit you, your needs and fitness. Imagine regular walks becoming part of your life, feeling fitter and stronger.  Imagine 12 weeks of regular support, including hours out in nature, 1-2-1, walking, taking time to reflect and feel calm.

We will use the outdoors to support and motivate you to stop the stress that everyday life and work can cause. It is such a wonderful opportunity to find clarity and some regular time outside for you.  Maybe in your lunch break, or your 'commute time' whilst you're working from home.  

Has life thrown a spanner in the works and you are trying to cope with everyday life and also a big change that is feeling overwhelming? 

The Outdoor Lifeline Programme will work you through tools to cope better with stress, understand your limiting beliefs and work towards your goals.  What do you want to be feeling or doing in 3 months time? 

Click below to book your free 30 min consultation and find out how we could work together and allow you to feel so much better about yourself.


Confident You, Confident Rider


I love horses and have always been surrounded by them.  I have had my ups and downs in life and my rock has often been my horse.  

But what happens when you lose your confidence in yourself and then your riding takes a knock too?

Have you had a fall and now feel scared to get back on?

Do you really want to jump but every time you head towards the jump you are using your leg but pulling up too? 

Do you have every excuse under the sun to not ride and then feel disappointed and annoyed when you get home that you didn't do it?

Is your horse your sanctuary, but everything else feels like a mess?  Do you wish that if your life was better you could also ride better and do what you really want to do?

If the above sounds familiar then Confident You, Confident Rider is for you.  You know you horse senses so much of what you are feeling.  When you arrive tense, you can't blame your horse for picking up on it.  I know there are incredible horses that hold our hands through it all, but we can't rely on them forever if we truly want to progress.  It is time to have a good look at yourself and start working on you.  To understand your values, your beliefs, and what is important to you.  To ensure that you have the tools to manage your self doubt and start to really enjoy your life for you (and your horse!)

I work with you for a mixture of online, walk (on foot) and talk, and with your horse, at your stables, in and out of the saddle. 

I am not a qualified riding instructor so this would not be a lesson.  This is specifically focused on your confidence and tools to help you improve how you feel in and out of the saddle.

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"Helen is whatever you need, wherever you need.  She can be an adrenaline shot when you've lost motivation, a patient teacher when you're failing and desperate to succeed or gently listening when it's all gone Pete Tong.  

Becky, Leighton Buzzard

"I feel so motivated and happy that I am now doing all those things I wanted to do and knew how to do it but just didn't actually get on and do it until you came along.  Thank you so much"

Mum of a very active boy, Luton

"It has been hard but I have done it.  I am still a tired Mummy of 3 but I am much happier and feel that I am in control again. I couldn't recommend Helen enough. Thank you"

A newly motivated Mum, London.

"After an injury I found myself in a bit of a life rut, unable to continue with my current job and feeling generally unhappy.  Helen set me small, focused goals each week and having achieved these I felt so much more positive about my future career and life.  Helen has a calming influence on busy life, she is a great listener and I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for a life coach."

Emily, Buckinghamshire

"Thoroughly recommend this life coach...I've known her since I was three and she is one of the strongest, determined and caring women I know."

Liz, Buckinghamshire

I can’t thank Helen enough for the support she has given me over the past month. She has helped me find direction and has helped me find that ‘me’ time I have neglected since having my little one. She has a very kind and caring nature and her passion for helping others makes her a wonderful person to work with. I highly recommend her services!

Charlie, Bedfordshire.

Thanks so much for another great coaching session Helen! After your positive advice I'm feeling very motivated to achieve my goals, and talking outdoors really helped give me the head space to think about them.

Jenny, Glastonbury

If any of these have resonated with you and you feel like I could help, please click below to get in touch.

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"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees" Henry David Thoreau

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